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  • Hacking is… (A definition of Hacking From a Hacker’s Perspective) January 2, 2020
    “Hacking is satisfying one’s curiosity. Hacking is finding a way to accomplish a goal, never accepting no for an answer, and being more persistent and patient than anyone else. Hacking is pushing technology to its limits and making technology more resilient through testing, tinkering, and exploration. Hacking is a mindset, a culture, a spirit, and […]
    Paul Asadoorian
  • Security Market Validation for the Buyer and Seller January 2, 2020
    While everyone else talks about 2020 predictions and New Year’s resolutions, let’s start the year with some practical and useful information… The post Security Market Validation for the Buyer and Seller appeared first on Security Weekly.
    Matt Alderman
  • How Mature is Your Security Automation? See the Survey Results and How You Compare. November 15, 2019
    We hear a lot about security orchestration, automation, and response.  It will help us with our security skills gap.  It will improve our operational efficiency, thus reducing mean time to detect and respond to incidents.  It will give us more time for threat hunting.  But how much is really being automated? In sponsorship with ServiceNow, […]
    Matt Alderman
  • Investigating Phishing Emails and Domains Using DomainTools Iris September 27, 2019
    This blog post is sponsored by DomainTools. For more information and product trials please visit Investigation Time! You may be sitting at work early in the morning, enjoying your coffee and the peace and quiet that comes along with being the first one in the office. Like most, the first thing you do is […]
    Paul Asadoorian
  • Thwarting the Insider Threat with Network Traffic Analysis May 23, 2019
    For decades, anyone analyzing network traffic concentrated on external network traffic, known as north-south traffic, through the perimeter via firewalls.  Although firewalls evolved to better analyze this traffic, two primary trends emerged: 1) cloud adoption was causing the perimeter to become more porous, even to the point of extinction, and 2) as attackers gained sophistication, […]
    Matt Alderman
  • Domain Investigations Using Open-Source Tools And DomainTools Iris May 2, 2019
    This blog post is sponsored by DomainTools. For more information and product trials please visit  Malicious or Not? The above question runs through the brains of SOC analysts across the world multiple times per day. When you are analyzing security events looking for the “bad” things, you often come across a domain that requires […]
    Paul Asadoorian
  • Getting Past the Hype of Next Generation Endpoint Security May 1, 2019
    We’ve heard the same story for years. Antivirus software is not effective in stopping cyber-attacks, as hackers have adapted their techniques to evade signature-based detections. Even next generation antivirus, which apply techniques such as machine learning and behavioral analytics, is no more effective at protecting an organization than its older sibling. But why? The simple […]
    Matt Alderman
  • Insider Threat Management – Detect and Respond to Data Exfiltration April 18, 2019
    As the perimeter shifts to the user and application, traditional network-based data loss prevention solutions are no longer effective. There is no longer a central network egress point to control the flow of data, as users, and the applications they access, are now distributed across the Internet. We need to rethink how we detect and […]
    Matt Alderman
  • Security Weekly Moves Beyond Just Podcasts, Adds New Executive November 1, 2018
    Security Weekly, the security podcast network for the security community and security market validation company for the security industry, announced today it has named security industry veteran, Matt Alderman, as Chief Executive Officer. “The security industry faces a constant addition of new security vendors in an already crowded and confusing market. Security Weekly cuts through […]
    Paul Asadoorian
  • Who Thinks of HP for End Point Security? October 11, 2018
    Honestly, that was my first thought when I started looking at the marketing material HP put together for Black Hat 2018 this year. HP has been promoting its efforts to provide security to its enterprise printers for the past couple years and has done a great job at offering secure solutions; even involving the security […]
    Jeff Man
  • The Age of DevOps October 3, 2018
    The Most Valuable Resource of All: Time This post was authored by Paul Asadoorian, CEO and founder of Security Weekly. Over the last twenty years we have witnessed dramatic changes in the way companies write and ship code. First there was Waterfall, followed by the Agile movement in the early 2000’s, and now we find […]
    Paul Asadoorian

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